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BJJ Watch Ver 3.0

BJJ Watch Ver 3.0

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The first watch made for BJJ practitioners. A stylish timepiece to show the world your passion for the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The timepiece is modeled after the black belt with the Japanese characters for Jiu-jitsu, 柔術 inscribed on the bar.

Available in 5 colors representing every adult belt in BJJ.  


The BJJ Watch band is made from sturdy, flexible, and lightweight Thermoplastic polyurethane. The case is made of plastic with an LED display.

Shipping & Returns

We ship directly from Japan. Shipping is already taken care of. Expect 1 week for delivery to the USA and APAC . Delivery is expected to be 2 weeks for UK/ EU and Latin America.


The watch weighs 16g with a 23cm long band.

Care Instructions

Each piece is water resistant. Battery lasts for 10 months.

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Designed in Japan

The idea of the BJJ Watch was developed in Japan so we proudly showcase the Japanese characters of Jiu-jitsu on it to honor the Japanese origins of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

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    We ship directly from Japan to anywhere in the world. Once you order we will organize the fastest delivery available.

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    Get in contact with us. We are looking to sponsor young and upcoming BJJ talent with our unique sponsorship program. We understand every little helps.